• You can order from Marjie’s Pantry and have your groceries

    ready for local curbside pick-up or delivered directly to your home.

  • Drum Circle is re-scheduled!

    Drum Circle with Ool Pardi scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 has been re-scheduled to

    Friday, June 5, 2020
    7 pm to 9 pm

    The host is: Sheri & Bob Trout
    2307 W Rose Center Rd, Holly, MI 48442

  • Bringing Hope and Celebration to you!

    10th Anniversary Celebration!

    Bringing Hope and Celebration to you on
    May 14th, 2020!
    4pm to 8pm

    The first 100 Shoppers receive a free gift!
    (one gift per purchase)

    Samples, Sales, Contest and so much more!

  • Hour Changes

    In order to keep our store functioning well through the current world situation, we will be open for business during limited hours.

    Monday thru Friday 11am – 4pm

    Saturday 10am – 2pm.⁣

    If you cannot make it during open hours, please email us to set up an appointment to pick up orders over $50.
    Our email is info@marjiespantry.com

    We will do our best to help you, but we cannot make any guarantees.⁣

    To comply with mandate regulations, we can only allow a maximum of two shoppers in the main store area at the same time. If you enter through the back door, please remain in the hallway at the marked space until you are called for your shopping. If you enter through the front door, kindly ask if there is a line for shopping, we will do our best to accommodate your space in line. When in the store, please do your best to maintain a 6 foot or more distance from staff and any other shoppers in the store.

    We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and support.

    Please bear with us as it will take longer than usual to return phone calls and emails.⁣

    Thank you, and please do your best to stay well!⁣


  • Snow Moon Drum Circle

    Snow Moon Drum Circle  March 7th, 2020

    Marjie’s Pantry – 6 to 8 pm

    – To help Ool continue his healing work, a $10 donation is recommended.
    – Bring a percussion instrument if you have one but not necessary. Ool has extra to share.
    * We will be indoors from 6-8 pm on Feb 8th & Mar 7th at Marjie’s Gluten Free Pantry, 106 S. Leroy St, Fenton MI -(Please Enter through Rear Entrance)

    What does drumming do for the mind?
    Drumming has been used in healing in every culture since the dawn of man, and for good reason.
    It releases endorphins, enkephalins, and alpha waves which are key ingredients for improving your sense of well being. The physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain synchronizes the left and the right brain. When your logical left brain and the intuitive right are in harmony, your inner guidance system or intuition becomes stronger. The sound of drumming generates new neuronal connections in all parts of the brain, integrating our experiences and deepening our sense of self-awareness. Science has only scratched the surface regarding the influence of the mind on healing, however, traditional healers have been aware of this connection for centuries. But science is finally starting to pay attention, and study is being devoted to the effect of drumming on brain-related illnesses such as Parkinson, autism, stroke victims and headaches. This is vibrational healing is a soothing meditation for anxiety.

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